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Last weekend I took some time off work to head to Rally Baie des Chaleurs 2013.  This has become one of my favorite rallies.  When packing for rallies I try to be economical with what camera gear I bring.  A majority of the time if I do bring all my gear I don't end up using half of it.  So this time not sure if I was going to actually take any photos I decided to bring my back up camera a Canon t3 and my most versatile lens the Canon 28-135.  I was very glad I ended up bringing a camera.  During shakedown I took a couple photos from the rear of the start line and where the car turned the corner to start again, while taking these photos I was scoping out another location.  The easiest to get to and the best that I could find was just on the inside of the start line corner.  I was very happy with the photos from both locations.  

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Photographing Alicia's Coffee Table https://www.alassphoto.com/blog/2013/6/photographing-furniture Part of my job at the Vermont Woodworking School is to take photosAlicia Dietz, Vermont Woodworking School, Coffee Table of student work once it is complete.  At the end of the Spring Semester I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful coffee table entitled "Through the looking Glass" built by Alicia Dietz.  When I am presented with a beautiful piece of furniture I tend to go crazy taking pictures of the piece from every angle and getting every detail.  The one challenge in this piece was the glass top. It seemed like most of the students this semester really wanted to make my job hard by adding glass to their projects, Alicia's piece was no exception and I had to use a circular polarizer to cut down on the reflections in the glass. 

Alicia's creativity and vision for her photographs helped me tremendously to capture the pure beauty of the table.  Even with her help I still ended up with too many photographs to choose from so I left that hard part up to Alicia.

Alicia is a very talented woodworker and it is always a pleasure to collaborate with her and be able to photograph her work. If you want to check out more photos of the table or see the building process please visit Alicia's blog at aliciadietzwoodworking.wordpress.com

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Unadilla GNCC photography https://www.alassphoto.com/blog/2012/9/unadilla

I have had desire to get back out and take more picture for a couple weeks now, It was eating at my insides that I hadn't had a reason to take any pictures recently.  Originally I was going to try to ride the GNCC dirt bike race at Unadilla, but since going I am glad I didn't.  Instead I used it as a time to take photos just for the sake of taking photos and to practice some skills I had been looking at recently.  When we first got there it was a mad house, the race had been delayed two hours to accommodate the sheer number of riders that turned out.  There was well over 600 riders in the race I was there to watch. 

We started off on the hill above the starting line knowing this probably wasn't the best place for photos but wanting to see the madness that was sure to ensue. I am starting to dab my feet into taking Video so I started out with that on the start line.  From there I moved over to an uphill corner that was pretty banked, it was where two trails came together as well so I knew there could be some drama.  After getting some good shots there and waiting for my friends to go by, I wanted to go find a wooded area to shoot in.  So I started walking backwards along the course till I came to a spot that had a couple trees and a small jump.  To help with the lower light I used my on camera flash to fill the faces of the riders. 

 I loved this spot!! I stayed there for two passings of my friends and then decided to get some more video of them coming up a pretty rutted hill.  All and All I was very happy with the photos I took at Unadilla and can't wait to get back out and take some more.


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